Wigwam Village Inn # 2 - Teepee Village, a unique place to sleep.

To find us:
Take I-65, Exit 53 (Cave City) to KY 90 East, then North on 31W (1.5 miles)
To make reservations, contact us at:
601 North Dixie Hwy
Cave City, Kentucky 42127
Or call:
(270) 773-3381

"Sleep in a Wigwam!!"

Wigwam Village Inn #2 is the most unique motel in all of Kentucky. It celebrated 60 years of colorful history in 1997, and staying there will be an experience you will never forget.


The Wigwam Village Inn #2 began as a dream of Frank A. Redford in the early 1900s. Frank’s inspirations in this dream were a popular ice cream shop shaped like an upside down cone and authentic teepees he’d seen on a Sioux reservation in South Dakota. His dream became reality in 1935 when construction on Wigwam Village #1 was completed in Horse Cave, Kentucky. Realizing he’d hit upon a popular idea, Frank patented the design with the US patent office in 1936.

Wigwam Village Inn #2 was completed in 1937 in Cave City, and five more were built over time in Alabama, Florida, New Orleans, California, and Arizona. From the beginning, the Wigwam Villages were gathering places with an atmosphere of old-time neighborliness. The community area at the center of the circle of wigwams seemed to invite people to come and talk. Nowadays, our playground at the center of the teepees invites young folks to play and our new 16'x16' "Misting Deck" is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day - regardless of your age!

Of the seven original Wigwam Villages, only three remain: #2 in Cave City, Kentucky, #6 in Holbrook, Arizona. and #7 in Riallto, California.  Wigwam Village #2 is an impressive sight and is truly a monument to one man’s American dream that came true. The main building, made up of 38 tons of concrete and 13 tons of steel, stands 52 feet high. It originally housed a restaurant and gift shop, but with the completion of Interstate 65 in the mid-60s, the restaurant was closed and this main building now houses a gift shop. Smaller wigwams on either side of the gift shop are public restrooms. Each of the remaining 15 buildings are bedrooms, complete with private bathrooms. Ten of these buildings have one double bed and the other five have 2 double beds. Furnishings in each of the buildings are original from the 1930's and are made of hickory and cane. Because of the historic nature of our rooms, we do not allow pets.

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Reservations: 270-773-3381
(8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Central Time)
Open Year-Round!

Come join us at the Wigwam Village Inn #2. We will continue to preserve the heritage and atmosphere of this Historic Landmark (Kentucky Heritage Council). The Wigwam Village is also listed on the Kentucky and National Historical Registers. We promise, you will enjoy your stay as you "Sleep in a Wigwam."

Wigwam Village Inn #2 Online Gift Shop Now Open!
Click here to order a souvenir from the Wigwam Village online gift shop.

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Air Conditioned/Heated Remote Color Cable TV Reasonable Rates*
Large Playground 
(with Misting Deck)
Covered Picnic 
Shelter & Grills
Indian Gift Shop
In-Room Coffee Close to Mammoth Cave and other area attractions Near 
KY Repertory Theatre

Perfect for groups up to 40 people

Open Year-Round
DATES 1 Double Bed (Full) 2 Double Beds (Full)
  Sun - ThursFri - Sat Sun - ThursFri - Sat
Nov 25 - Mar 8 $50 $55 $60 $65
Mar 9 - May 24 $60 $65 $70 $75
May 25 - Sep 8 $65 $70 $75 $80
Sep 9 - Nov 24 $55 $60 $65 $70
CHECK IN: 3:00pm (Central Time)
CHECK OUT: 11:00am (Central Time)
We require 3 day (72 hour) notice of cancellation. Without such notice, you will be charged for days reserved. Group Cancellation requires 21 day notice.